A long island iced tea contains white rum (1/3), gin (1/3), vodka (1/3), cointreau (1/3), tequila (1/3), lemon juice (1/2) & cola (filled to the top). It is usually garnished with a wedge of lime &/or sprig of mint.

For an easy long island iced tea use equal parts white rum, Cointreau, tequila & lemon juice, topped-up with cola.

The long island iced tea was very popular in the 1980s having been invented by New York bartender Bob Butt in the early 1970s. The potentcy & intoxicating effect of the Long Island Iced Tea is well disguised by the cola. Despite its name it does not contain any tea - instead the name refers to its innocuous appearance i.e. like a non-alcoholic iced tea, which is very much in the spirit of prohibition cocktails despite its more modern origins.