Chambord is a cognac-based black raspberry liqueur produced in the Loire Valle of France - it a rich, sweet liqueur (16.5% ABV) with a dark red colour which is used to add a raspberry flavour and pink colour to cocktails such as the French Martini & Bramble

Where is Chambord liqueur made?

Chambord liqueur is made and bottled at La Sistiere Chateau in Cour-Cheverny near Chambord (hence the name) in France’s Loire Valley.

How is Chambord liqueur made?

Chambord is made via a three-step process that brings together a blend of infused spirits and cognac, as follows:

First Step: Double Fruit Infusion & Extraction

- Starting with a blend of freshly picked blackberries and raspberries, the juices are squeezed and steeped in French spirits for four weeks. A further two-week infusion occurs where the fruit is washed with French spirits to extract additional flavour from the blend. After six weeks total of double fruit infusion, the fruit is pressed to capture the natural juices and sugars.

Second Step: Flavour Marrying

The berry infusion is filtered then blended with extracts of all-natural black raspberries, blackberries, French cognac, extracts of Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey, and herbs and spices.

Third Step: Flavour Blending

- The master blender balances the flavour profile of the fruit infusion to ensure the character of the liqueur is consistent between batches

What is the Chambord bottle design?

Chambord comes in a distinctive spherical bottle - the bottle design was orginally modelled after a globus cruciger (Latin for "cross-bearing orb") - a symbol that has been used in Christian iconography since the Middle Ages. The bottle design underwent modernisation in 2010, removing the ornate crown lid design & replacing with a flat top (showing a raspberry comprised of gold & red jewels).

When was Chambord liqueur invented?

The Chambord brand was established in 1982 - it is said to be inspired by a luxurious wild raspberry liqueur said to have been produced for King Louis XIV during his visits to Château de Chambord in the 17th century (where the nobility would spend their time eating, drinking, dancing, hunting and sampling expensive liqueurs)

Is Chambord the same as crème de cassis?

NO, Creme de cassis is a liqueur derived from blackcurrant extract

Is Chambord liqueur the same as crème de mure?

Crème de mure is a french devised blackberry liqueur very much like Crème de Cassis (but using blackberry as the fruit instead of blackcurrant) - Chambord has a slightly more complex taste due to the variety of ingredients that are introduced during the infusion & blending processes.

What does Chambord liqueur taste like?

Chambord Liqueur is very rich on the nose with heavy aromas of raspberry and vanilla creating a sweet scent. The taste introduces something more complex with additional notes of honey, blackberries, blackcurrants, cherries and slight citrus

What cocktails contain Chambord?

The French Martini (sometimes referred to as a Flirtini) consists of Chambord Liqueur, vodka and pineapple juice. The Knickerbocker consists of Rum, Lime Juide, Chambord, curacao. A Bramble can be made with Gin, Lemon juice, Simple Syrup and Chambord (not that some versions of the recipe use Creme de Mure rather than Chambord Liqueur)

Can you drink Chambord liqueur straight?

Yes, you can enjoy a glass of chilled Chambord on its own as it is not overly sweet - it is quite expensive though and tends to be used sparingly as a cocktail ingredient

What is the alcohol content of Chambord liqueur?

The alcohol content of Chambord liqueur is 16.5% (ABV)

How long does Chambord liqueur last once opened? (e.g. - the shelf life)

It is recommended that Chambord is consumed six months to one year after opening

What is a substitute for Chambord liqueur?

Crème de mure could be considered the closest subsitute for Chambord liqueur