Want to learn how to make a Pornstar Martini at home? This drink has seen a surge of popularity over the last few years and is presently the UK's most popular cocktail ordered in bars. Our guide below features four recipes & tutorials for the Pornstar Martini (beginner to expert), the origins of the cocktail, a useful FAQ section and tips.

Pornstar Martini Guide

Our ultimate guide to the Pornstar Martini
Read our ultimate guide to making the Pornstar Martini

The Bar Cabinet Notes

  • Pronounciation: Pornstar OR Porn Star Martini (it really doesn't matter)
  • First seen: First seen when & where: 2002, Townhouse Bar Knightsbridge
  • Created by: Douglas Ankrah
  • Perfect for: Ladies Night
  • AKA: ‘Maverick Martini’ or ‘Passion Fruit Martini’
  • Most noted for: It’s colourful moniker, Being the UK’s most popular purchased cocktail, Causing confusion over exactly how to drink it
  • Difficulty: ****

The Porn Star Martini is a drink which seems to be going from strength to strength in recent years. In late 2018 it was announced to be the UK’s most popular ordered cocktail (CGA Mixed Drinks Report Q3 2018) beating the Mojito into 2nd place. Impressively - it is reported that (at the time of writing) the Pornstar Martini accounts for almost 15% of cocktails sold in UK bars and clubs.

So why the popularity? - professional mixologists don’t consider the Porn Star Martini to be such a classic & deserving of its position. However there are probably a few reasons why it seems to have firmly embedded itself into UK cocktail culture, namely:

  • Having such a colourful name helps (it was originally called the Maverick Martini) - this makes it memorable & fun to order in groups on nights out (Sex On The Beach anyone?)
  • Unusually, it is served with a side shot of champagne or prosecco and a floating half shell of passion fruit (and sometimes a spoon in the glass). This opens up several different techniques for drinking the cocktail (and amusement watching people who have no clue where to start).

Like most successful cocktails it is all a matter of balance - in this case the sweet vanilla flavour, sharpness of the passionfruit (and citrus juices in some recipes) alternating with the acidity of sipping the sparkling wine.

There are many different versions of the Porn Star Martini out there - some use distinctly different methods and ingredients to bring out the vanilla and passion fruit flavours. This can be confusing so we have have collated this information to teach you how to understand and make different versions of the Porn star Martini at home. You will understand which versions are your favourite and you can faithfully recreate it.

Once you know this you will have mastered the UK’s most popular cocktail (and never consider buying the premixed versions ever again)