Synonymous as "The Dude's" chosen beverage in "The Big Lebowski", the White Russian cocktail was regarded as perhaps a boring cocktail but has proven very popular in recent years. We think it is an excellent after-dinner cocktail that can almost subsitute a dessert.

  • Our Rating: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Character: Creamy Indulgent
  • Occasions: After Dinner
  • Preparation Time: 3 min
White Russian

White Russian Ingredients

Coffee Liqueur1shot
Fresh Cream1.5shots

How to Make a White Russian

  1. Combine the Vodka & Kahlua into an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice & stir.
  2. Float the fresh cream on top of the cocktail & serve with a stirrer.

Tips & Tricks Making a White Russian

  • If you don't have cream you can try the Black Russian instead - just leave out the cream & add a teaspoon of lemon juice!
  • Full-fat milk can be used in place of cream, although the mouth feel will be thinner & less indulgent.
  • Tia Maria & Kahlua are common choices of coffee liqueur.
  • Not so keen on coffee? Try white Creme de Cacao instead of a Coffee Liqueur for an indulgent chocolatey flavoured cocktail to make a "Russian" cocktail.
  • For a festive feel in winter, try garnishing the cocktail with a little grated nutmeg or cinnamon.
  • If you like almond flavours, try substituting part of the vodka with half a shot of Amaretto liqueur.

Fun Facts About the White Russian

  • The white russian originated from vodka cocktails like the Russian, Black Russian & Barbara of the 1930-1940s.
  • The Big Lebowski's "The Dude" is largely responsible for the resergence in the popularity of the white russian cocktail, having previously been regarded as a drink for people who don't really like booze.
  • "The Dude" calls the White Russian cocktail a "Caucasian" & is seen mixing or requesting this cocktail throughout the film. At no point is he interested in the brand of Vodka, when there isn't a spoon he'll stir the cocktail with his finger, & if there isn't any milk or cream, he'll use powdered milk. We can't recommend using powdered milk.

Items You Need to Make a White Russian

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card image

Coffee Liqueur

card image

Old Fashioned Glass

card image

Spirit Measure

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Bar Spoon

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